Frequently Asked Questions
Absolute Digital provides digital marketing services based in Singapore. We specialized in helping Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to increase their online presence with Google SEO, SEM, GDN, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Marketing campaigns. Our full suite of complementary services also includes brand design work like Professional Ad Copywriting, Company Logo Design, Website Design, E-Commerce Design, Professional Corporate Photography and Professional Videography.
Absolute Digital is a certified Google SEO and SEM partner with experience in the Digital Marketing field for the past few years! Working with SMEs, MNCs, as well as Government projects, you can easily tap on our wealth of knowledge to benefit your business and digital marketing campaign to see exceptional results and growth from online marketing.
Absolute Digital is a Singapore based Digital Marketing Agency that is fast-growing to be one of the market leaders! With years of digital marketing expertise, we have the best strategies and industry knowledge your business can take advantage of. It’s free to consult us if you would like to find out more about how Absolute Digital can propel your business, drop us an email at hello@absolutedigital.sg and we’d be glad to help you!
Absolute Digital believes that we must first understand your business before advising on the appropriate budget. Google, Facebook, and the platforms you can advertise on are highly competitive. Thus, it is paramount for us to do our research before advising you based on the market average spent and what the ROI is after the first meeting with you. A professional quotation will be sent to you for your consideration after every meeting once we have understood your objectives.
Depending on the services required, Absolute Digital will first set up an initial consultation with you to better understand your marketing objectives. We will then do our research and based on our experience come up with a realistic strategy and budget to run your digital marketing campaign. We will also suggest materials such as video marketing or content marketing to increase the potential of your online campaign. If you need help, we also provide these additional services making us truly a one-stop solution.
No, digital marketing is extremely flexible and your budget depends on what you are comfortable with. However, it is crucial to note that with a lower budget, your ads will be less visible as compared to your competitors spending a bigger budget, especially on Google SEM. As for Google SEO, it depends on the number of keywords you are ranking on, and the cost will defer based on the number of keywords your website is optimized for.
While subjective, we strongly feel that these are the most important characteristics of a reliable digital marketing agency: 1. Credibility 2. Responsiveness 3. Experience in your industry 4. Industry knowledge 5. Research and Data analytic skills 6. Report extensiveness and detailed explanation of analysis 7. Suggestion on how to improve your digital marketing campaign 8. Ability to, or partners that can help fulfil a one-stop experience to minimize hassle on your end 9. Google Reviews from past customers 10. Leading by example (Google search)

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The short answer is all. Every business can advertise online. However, not all businesses should follow the same digital marketing strategy and platforms. As the nature of each business is different, your digital marketing strategy should be customized to suit your business, your objectives, as well as your budget. Speak to us if you’d like to find out what is the best strategies practised by your industry leaders and how we can help your brand increase your online presence whether it is to generate leads, create more website traffic, or increase online sales for your E-Commerce website.

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Alternatively, you may reach out to us at hello@absolutedigital.sg or call us at +65 9662 1919.