💯 2020 Google SEO 4-Step Guide 👍🏻 | 📶 By Top SEO Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital 📞

Google SEO is thought to be the single most important marketing component that any business can have in 2020. The reason? Without any digital presence, it’s hard to survive in today’s market. Google SEO provides an avenue for consumers to find relevant websites that are growing in demand each day. For businesses, that means appearing in front of the most potential prospects who may engage your professional services or purchase from your online e-commerce store. If you’re proficient in your digital marketing strategy, you may even build a strong branding online which translates to customer loyalty and expand your reach to new markets.

The top digital marketing agencies will tell you what Google SEO takes months or even years to rank on page 1. After all, very few people even go to page 2 of Google’s SERP right?

While it is true that in order for your website to rank on page 1 of Google takes many hours of optimising your web design and posting valuable content on your website to increase reach, here are some easy Google SEO optimisation that you can do yourself.

This article is dedicated to helping individuals and business owners increase their digital presence organically (without ads) with Google SEO. To understand how Google SEO works, you can read this free resource talking about Google’s SEO.

2020 Google SEO DIY Guide

💯 2020 Google SEO 4-Step Guide 👍🏻 | 📶 By Top SEO Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital 📞

Step 1

Understand the basics of SEO and how it works by reading these articles on what is SEO, white hat and black hat SEO methodology, the difference between SEO and SEM, the myths about SEO guaranteed results on page 1, how can SEO help my business. If you’re interested to read more about Google SEO, you can read these other articles to increase your knowledge on optimising your website for Google.

Step 2

Now that you have an understanding of how Google SEO works, it’s time to practise. If you have an existing website, you can read this article on how to get started with Google SEO. If you do not, you should read this article on what makes a good web design in 2020 first.

Step 3

After you’ve successfully launched your SEO campaign, you need to start optimising your On-Page SEO as well as Off-Page SEO. It is important to remember that in order to successfully rank on page 1 of Google using Google SEO optimising, you should remain consistent in updating your website to build Domain Authority (DA). To increase your DA means that Google’s algorithm determines your website is credible and will therefore boost your ranking on their SERP.

Step 4

Work with a reliable digital marketing agency to make sure you’re on the right track to achieve your desired campaign objectives and avoid amateur Google SEO mistakes by consulting a professional SEO agency. Read reviews and case studies on theses agencies before you engage with them to make sure that they can deliver results. Some industry benchmarks for successful Google SEO campaigns include: How Asia Top Investigations rank on page 1 of Google using SEO in under 7 months and Anmako Singapore’s successful Facebook Campaign results.

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