Absolute Digital Case Study: Anmako Singapore Facebook Campaign

Anmako Singapore is a local premium batik design brand for ladies and men. Their products are made based on the core values of Simplicity, Quality, Practicality and Beauty. Focused mainly on quality, their batik dresses are a fusion of classic and modern design, incorporated with a Singaporean touch. They have recently launched an e-commerce website (https://www.anmako.sg/) as an alternative to their occasional Takashimaya pop-up store.

Absolute Digital Case Study Anmako Singapore

Anmako’s founders, Eiko and Maria engaged Absolute Digital in July 2020 to start their first-ever digital marketing campaign on Facebook. Their Facebook campaign has 2 objectives; 1. to increase traffic for their Takashimaya pop-up store in August and 2. online sales from their website.

Within the first month of Absolute Digital‘s Facebook campaign for Anmako, they’ve seen a significant increase in human traffic for their pop-up store, about 30% increase than usual and an additional 5 purchases on their e-commerce store!

Absolute Digital Case Study Anmako Singapore

With a relatively small budget of $300/month, we have managed to achieve 30% conversion for their Facebook campaign during the first month!

Absolute Digital Case Study Anmako Singapore

The 5 purchases were exceptional as their target audience, women from 35 to 65, are not tech-savvy and would usually prefer not to purchase online. However, upon Absolute Digital’s advise on website improvement as well as our Facebook Marketing strategy customised to Anmako’s objectives, we managed to

…exceed their expectations and brought great results almost instantly!

This is what the founders for Anmako had to say about our services:

If you’d like to see Anmako’s products, you can visit their website at https://www.anmako.sg/ or reach out to them on Facebook at Anmako Singapore.

Absolute Digital Case Study Anmako Singapore

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