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Apple’s iOS 14 Update: What is Facebook’s Conversions API?

Conversions API is a Facebook Business Tool that lets you share key web and offline events, or customer actions, directly from your server to

6 Reasons why your business should be online

If your business doesn’t yet have a digital presence, or you’re in the process of starting your own new business venture and building a website

3 Different Types Of Landing Pages

There are 8 main categories of landing pages that marketers use today: Splash page Squeeze page Lead capture page Sales page Thank you page

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021🎯

The ongoing global pandemic has changed how businesses operate. We’ve seen more products and services move online and many employees will continue

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a user experience research methodology. A/B tests consist of a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B. It includes

🎯3 Ways To Measure Your Online Ad Campaigns Effectively, and What They Mean

To run a successful ad online, you first have to accurately measure your digital marketing campaigns. Typically, digital marketing agencies and

Why Aren’t My Google Ads Working?

There are several reasons why your Google SEM campaign is underperforming, or not working out for your business. More often than not, it is easy to

What Is Click Fraud and How To Prevent It?

Click Fraud is an act when someone intentionally clicks on your paid online advertising such as Google AdWords or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), with

5 Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Your website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign. As such, there are numerous reasons why you should redesign your website in 2019.