The Art of Quality Leads Generation (2020) by Certified Digital Marketing Agency, Absolute Digital

The Art of Quality Leads Generation (2020) by Absolute Digital Google SEO Google SEM Digital Marketing Agency ExpertBy Absolute Digital

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and convertingprospects into your clients. Some examples of lead generators are online sign-up forms, job applications, blog posts, newsletters, discount forms, etc

Businesses have to have a dominant digital presence first, before even attempting to convert viewers into leads. If nobody knows about your brand, there’s no one you can convert into clients! So what are the top strategies companies are using to convert online views into their clients?

Let’s find out…

Creating A Strong Digital Presence

The Art of Quality Leads Generation (2020) by Absolute Digital Google SEO Google SEM Digital Marketing Agency Expert

The first and most important step is to create a strong digital presence. If you’re reading this, I would assume you already have a website for your business. But is it optimised for Google’s SERP? If not, you need to read these articles on Google SEO and Google SEM first.

Now although many regard Google’s SEO and SEM to the basics of digital marketing, it is still a long way to go before you can create the perfect online sales funnel for your business. In order to create a strong digital presence, your business has to be easily found online, which including having as much information about your product, service, or business on Google and social media platforms.

One of the best (and free) ways you can update your business information is by creating a free Google My Business profile listing. This essentially puts your business on Google Maps, and Google Search when someone is trying to find your business. But that’s not enough, is it? In today’s competitive online space, companies are fighting for the attention of their potential customers based on detailed targeting strategies and matrics… so how can you do the same?

Targetting The Right Audience

The Art of Quality Leads Generation (2020) by Absolute Digital Google SEO Google SEM Digital Marketing Agency Expert

We cannot stress enough how important targeting the right audience is. If you’re working with a Digital Marketing Agency, then chances are they’ll have more experience in finding the right target audience for your online campaign. However, if you’re doing it yourself, you need a good understanding of your customer’s profile, habits, and online behaviours. This will help increase your ROI because the people you choose to target will have a higher chance of buying your product/service.

This brings me to one of the largest benefits of digital marketing. As compared to a newspaper ad where you spend huge amounts of marketing dollars, not knowing who is going to see your ad and hoping someone is interested, digital marketing allows you to choose who exactly you want your ad to appear to and if done right, you will only spend money on potential clients you determine is worth convincing.

You can leverage digital marketing tools such as detailed targeting on platforms such as Facebook Marketing, Google Display Network (GDN) banners, as well as Social Video Marketing channels like YouTube, and Instagram. If you’re an e-commerce, you can even try Google’s Smart Shopping to sell directly to potential customers searching for your products or services from Google’s SERP.

Update Your Strategies

The Art of Quality Leads Generation (2020) by Absolute Digital Google SEO Google SEM Digital Marketing Agency Expert

An average consumer sees about 5,000 ads every day – Clario

If you’re one of these companies trying to get attention from online users, that’s a whopping 4,999 other companies you’ll have to compete with!

Isn’t that just crazy?!

Not to mention companies are constantly trying to come up with better, more creative ways to get consumers attention because it is proven that the more exposure someone gets to an ad, the higher chance he or she will make a purchase! Advertisements influence up to 90% of consumers purchase decisions according to this 2017 article.

While there is no perfect strategy, there is a perfect methodology for crafting the perfect strategy… at Absolute Digital we like to call it the “Heraclitus Strategy“. As he was famously quoted saying “Life is Flux and change is the only constant”, we believe that so should your marketing strategy.

What is Heraclitus Strategy?

The Art of Quality Leads Generation (2020) by Absolute Digital Google SEO Google SEM Digital Marketing Agency Expert

The Heraclitus Strategy is quite simple – Never stop changing, never stop learning. As digital marketing experts and business owners get creatives with their own ways of generating leads, sales, and traffic online, all you need to do is to follow the best practices, adapt their methods for your business strategies, and constantly stay up to date with the latest in digital marketing.

Not too difficult is it?

Try doing what digital marketing experts do while still having to operate your business day to day activities… now, that’s a challenge. Digital marketing agencies exist for the sole purpose of being experts in our fields so that we can help you while you focus on expanding your business operations.

While leads generation is one of the top concerns for business owners, you want to make sure that you don’t waste your time with leads that aren’t genuine. A professional digital marketing expert or agency will help you achieve quality leads with your online campaigns. And the best part? You get to ask these experts anything during the first consultation for FREE! Yes, that’s a sweet deal for you!

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